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IISF Professional Leadership Training

Title: IISF Professional Leadership Training 
Date: Weds. Feb 15-April 5
Location: online synchronous
Core Knowledge Area(s):
Socio-cultural, familial factors (e.g., ethnicity, culture, religion, spirituality, socioeconomic status, family values,) in relation to sexual values and behaviors 
Issues related to Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity: heterosexuality; issues and themes impacting lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual people; gender identity and expression. 
Presenters: Rev. Dr. Lacette Cross, Rev. Priscilla Tennant
Sponsor: Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith
Contact: Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale
TEL: 215-668-7802
AASECT approved for: 16 credits
(AASECT CE Credits 60 minutes = 1 CE Credit)